Hill top Farm and Fence

Services We Offer

Service Experience Evaluations

With our Service Experience Evaluations we provide:

  • confidential comprehensive report
  • timely interactions with our client
  • gathered findings
  • interviews with targeted population
  • evaluations
  • recommendations
  • customer satisfaction

Social Impact Studies

Social Impact Studies are most often overlooked. We offer:

  • interactive Social Impact Studies
  • impact upon people evaluations
  • public input and interaction
  • public understanding
  • public hearings if warranted
  • reduced dissention
  • problem solving


Marketing can be accomplished in a multitude of ways:

  • referral from third party
  • showing interest in client
  • inquiring about your own service
  • Service Experience Evaluations
  • Social Impact Studies
  • marketing by inference
  • showing concern is a superior tool
  • automatically conducted.

Nonprofit Development

Over fifteen years of nonprofit experience, can take you to 501(c)(3) and will provide:

  • mission statements
  • IRS Tax ID
  • complete 1023 filing
  • NYS Attorney General registration
  • SAM
  • grants.gov registration
  • GuideStar Exchange Seal
  • complete charitable nonprofit package