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Service Experience Evaluations

Everyone likes to know if they are doing a good  job.

Perception of good service is close to reality and may be reality when it comes to service experiences. In fact, perception of service is most important. Most companies lose clients  only because of poor service perception.

Often an organization makes a judgment in determining how they are doing with their customer service by executive decree. If business is stable and they are unaware of complaints, they may erroneously assume their customer service must be doing a fine job.

In-house polls utilize company staff and may be inaccurate. They make an evaluation of customer responses, then determine service effectiveness - if they go that far.

The methods of executive “educated guess” or in-house analysis both have the danger of inadvertent bias. This can lead to disaster.  Client dissatisfaction may go unnoticed -- until too late.  We eliminate guesswork.

DARA Associates conducts a thorough Service Experience Evaluation and study relating to your clients and how they perceive your service.

Social Impact Studies

Most likely, if you are planning to do something that affects the public, it would help matters if you had an idea of how it will affect them and how they would feel about it.

Government agencies, real estate developers and entities that impact the public as a whole may not be directly concerned with “customers” per se. Their main concern is to recognize the attitudes of the general public toward the entity's endeavors.

Governments, developers and the like may utilize our scientifically modified customer/client study called a Social Impact Study. A Social Impact Study (SIS) assesses the opinions of the general public toward a contemplated project or action. DARA's Social Impact Study (SIS) utilizes these methods along with getting the public involved.

Eliminate Controversy

A well planned, developed and implemented Social Impact Study will head off public dissension. It will develop an interaction between the possible dissidents and project developers. This will give the dissidents an involvement in finding solutions and the developers an awareness of public feelings.