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About DARA Associates, LLC

Del CornadoIn 1987, Mary-Lou Rapello, a former educator and business woman, moved from New York State and started DARA Associates, a woman owned company in San Diego. DARA Associates (Development And Research Assistance) consisted of a small group of San Diego educators, medical and business people. The company's goals were to provide Social Impact Studies in San Diego and Baja, Mexico. The  development of a medical clinic and a trading company ensued.

Mardi Gras BallIn 1990 DARA Associates moved to the World Trade Center in New Orleans to take advantage of the cultural and business opportunities. While In New Orleans, DARA became an international trade and business development consultant providing Social Impact Studies and Service Experience Evaluations. The Company worked with Louisiana governors, economic development agencies and the US International Trade Administration.

NY LadiesIn 2000, DARA Associates moved back to New York State and in 2006 was reorganized as a Woman Owned Limited Liability Company. DARA Associates, LLC is a team consisting of expert professionals from a variety of disciplines selected for their knowledge, ability and creativity.

Michelle At The State PlazaHablamos Español: Michelle Melendez, a New York City native and Manhattan educated is a key member of our company. With a captivating personality and ability to develop a window into client's feelings, she provides valuable insight into problem-solving and decision-making. Highly experienced in Client Service Management and Development, Michelle can direct training for (and development of) client service and human resource retention programs.

Janice at Dock

Janice L. Brach is our interview specialist with expertise in staff training, customer relations and customer satisfaction. As holder of a United States Coast Guard Operator's License, Janice has conducted excursions and boating operations on the East Coast. With an outgoing personality and a penchant for personal interaction, she is an expert at developing evaluations from interviews and one-on-one contacts. Janice provides insight, a genuine asset to our clients.


DARA Associates has been in business, from coast to coast, since 1987.  We have professional associates to whom we turn for every business-related need, including but not limited to:

Political - Medical - Social - Business - Statistics - Government - Environment